Purchase Agreement

When purchasing photos from this website, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

• The copyright for all of the photos on this website always remains with the original photographer named with each photo

• You are granted a Royalty Free License to use the photos for the purposes specified below:

- To use as reference for creating traditional artwork (drawings, paintings, pastels, scratch-boards, carvings, sculptures, cross-stitch), and hand-drawn digital art.

- To offer your artwork for sale

- To produce prints/reproductions from your artwork to offer for sale

- To display your artwork in galleries/exhibitions

- To enter your artwork into competitions 

- To have your artwork licensed/published

All of the above includes both personal and commercial use.

• You may not use any of the photos on this website for the following:

- To re-sell either digitally/electronically or in print form (on paper, card, canvas, linen or greeting cards)

- To share/distribute the photos or make it available for others to download the photos 

- To create digital edits/manipulations of the photos to sell on/share/distribute electronically or in print form (on paper, card, canvas, linen or greeting cards)

- To print the photos onto merchandise (including clothing, bags, gifts etc)

- To use the photos on websites or blogs

- To use the photos in magazines or books

- To use the photos for advertising

If you're unsure as to the usage of the photos, do get in touch with us and we'll be happy to advise you.

Information for Tutors/Teachers

If you would like to download a photo and use it as part of a tutoring lesson/course, in which your students use the photo too, please get in touch with us. You will need to purchase a Tutoring Licence which will allow all of your students to use the photo for a fair price. You would download the photo as normal, then get in touch with us to let us know how many students will be using the photo, we will then send you an invoice for the additional Tutoring Licence fee. The cost of this licence is $1 per student. 

If you are using a photo simply for a tutorial video, and not sharing the image for others to use, there's no need to purchase an additional licence. If any of your fans/followers would like to use the same image, they would need to download it themselves.