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This site is run by the Stribbling Family Wildlife Artists - David, Sarah and Rachel Stribbling from Preston, Lancashire, in the UK. We are all professional wildlife artists and understand the importance of having good quality yet affordable photos to be used as reference for creating artwork. We've been on trips to Africa and also visited many wildlife parks in order to obtain photos to use as reference for our paintings. Over the years we have built up a decent collection of photos and realised that this would be beneficial for other artists to access too. 

Great reference material plays a huge part in being able to create great artwork, but we know that not everyone has the time or means to go out photographing wildlife. This site makes it easy for anyone to purchase wildlife photos and create their own artwork without having to worry about copyright infringement or royalty. Being full-time artists ourselves, we like to think that we have an eye for good reference material and all of the photos on this site have been selected to our high standards. Prices are kept as low as possible whilst enabling us to administer the site and continually add new photos. Feel free to show us any artwork you create using our photos as reference, if you give us a mention/credit on your page we will happily return the favour and share it on our Facebook page.

As of April 2015 we have been accepting photos submitted by 'Contributing Photographers', in order to expand and diversify the database of reference photos. This has proved hugely popular and enables us to offer even more beautiful photos, whilst giving photographers the opportunity to make some extra income from their photography. For more information about becoming a contributor, and before submitting your photos, please read Information for Contributors.

Please note that although you are buying the photos and are therefore granted permission to use them for the purposes specified in the Purchase Agreement, the copyright for every photo always remains with the original photographer named with each photo. 


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