Price rise and currency change Back

Sept 16, 2023

16th September 2023

Important information regarding price rises and currency change starting 7th November 2023:

We have always wanted to keep our prices affordable for artists and since we began in 2014, we have kept our prices the same.

In order to accommodate the photos which we are continually adding, each year we buy more disc space for the site. This increases our hosting fee and every year as our hosting fee goes up, we've absorbed this cost and not reflected it in the price of the photos.

However, starting on the 7th November 2023, there will be a price rise due to our continued increased hosting fee. We will also be changing the currency to pounds (GBP). We're based in the UK, however when we started out 9 years ago we believed the majority of our customer base was in the US (hence charging in US Dollars). The site template by default was also set up in US Dollars. It became clear over the years that the majority of our customers are UK and Europe based, and as we're in the UK it makes sense to change the currency to pounds. For anyone outside the UK, don't worry you can use the checkout as normal and PayPal will deal with the conversion for you when you pay.

We're also conscious of the rising costs of taking the brilliant photos which our talented contributing photographers send us, including travel costs, PCs, laptops, software and of course camera equipment to name a few. As our photographers receive 50% commission on their sales, it's only fair that they too benefit from a price increase to help with their expenses.

The new prices starting 1st November 2023 will be £5 each for individual photos, and £14 for a Subscription.

If you'd like to know the conversion to your currency at the current exchange rate, click here to use a currency converter. 

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.