Tricolored Heron


  • Title:  Tricolored Heron
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  • Description:  A medium-sized, delicate and slim heron with a long, daggerlike bill. Its long thin neck curves up to its small head. A colorful heron with a mix of blue-gray, lavender, and white. Unlike other dark herons, they have a white belly. Breeding birds have small white plumes extending from the back of the head, a bright blue patch of skin around the bill, and pink legs. Nonbreeding birds lack the flourishes of breeding birds and have yellowish legs. Juveniles have a rusty neck and rusty edged feathers. Forages alone or at the edge of groups of mixed wading birds. Slowly stalks fish or pirouettes with sharp stops and turns with wings flapping. Flies with head drawn in and feet trailing behind. Found in coastal estuaries, saltmarshes, mangroves, and lagoons during the breeding season. Outside of the breeding season they use coastal areas as well as freshwater marshes, lake edges, canals, and ditches.
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