Short Eared Owl--Short Eared Owl Perched


  • Title:  Short Eared Owl--Short Eared Owl Perched
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  • Description:  The short-eared owl is a medium-sized owl measuring 13–17inches in length and weighing 7.3–16.8 oz It has large eyes, a big head, a short neck, and broad wings. Its bill is short, strong, hooked and black. Its plumage is mottled tawny to brown with a barred tail and wings. The upper breast is significantly streaked. Its flight is characteristically floppy due to its irregular wingbeats. The short-eared owl may also be described as "moth or bat-like" in flight. Wingspans range from 33 to 43 inches. Females are slightly larger than males. The yellow-orange eyes of A. flammeus are exaggerated by black rings encircling each eye, giving the appearance of them wearing mascara, and large, whitish disks of plumage surrounding the eyes like a mask.
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