Mark Ray

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Mark was born in Cincinnati Ohio on July 27,1966. He grew up fishing the creeks, streams and lakes in and around Ohio and North and South Carolina as a child, then as a teenager.
Mark, like most kids got grounded for the normal childhood mishaps we all encounter, but he would put his temporary lack of freedom to good use sketching and painting anything from superhero's to the fish he would catch.
After serving a four year enlistment in the U.S.Army, Mark became a Police Officer for the Charlotte, N.C. Police Dept and then continued to serve as a Deputy Sheriff with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office for 12 years.
It was while Mark was fishing the game fish rich waters off the east coast of Florida that he began sketching the fish and other ocean creatures that he encountered.

Marks love for the land dwelling animals is also evident in his many paintings of them.

Although Mark has never had any formal art classes, he attributes his artistic ability to his love of fish and wildlife, diligent hours of practice and some God given talent.

Mark has three grown sons and three grandchildren. Currently, Mark creates his artwork and resides in White Oak, Ohio with his wife Suzanne.