Rachel Bear

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Originally from the UK, I have spent the past 5 years travelling with intention: chasing dark skies, aurora and beautiful landscapes. After moving to Banff, Canada, I fell in love with the enchantment and connection to nature that accompanies wildlife photography. Following the purchase of a vintage van, I travelled from Canada to Alaska where I was lucky to spend time shooting wild Bison of the Yukon, Grizzlies, Moose and Bald Eagles of Alaska. After which I spent 3 months backpacking the Hawaiian Islands giving me the opportunity to shoot a little more exotic. I now currently live in Australia, surrounded by beautiful exotic birds, Kangaroos, Pelicans and our neighbouring Fairy Penguins. To see more of my journey and wildlife photos (more stock to be added soon!) please follow me at: @rachelbearphoto. And for Aurora/Astrophotography you can find me at: @thetravellingstargazer. Come say hello!