Kirk Englehardt

Media: 85
Company Name: EngleART Gallery
Location: Florida, United States
Member Since: Jul 17, 2020


Hi, I'm Kirk Englehardt.

I am a photographer living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I began taking pictures several years ago when I started bringing a camera with me on walks around my neighborhood. That's when I started seeing the world differently. I became aware of all of the wonderful animals living among the houses in the suburbs. I noticed names and dates engraved in the sidewalks and wondered what stories they told. I was delighted by colorful landscaping and enjoyed the wide-open spaces in our local parks. These were all things I had taken for granted, but now they were all part of learning how to see. To see the beauty in everything.

I have truly enjoyed wildlife photography. My first - and most challenging - subjects were the tiny (and adorable) burrowing owls who made homes in the wide open fields near our neighborhood. Then came other birds, iguanas, farm animals and more. I challenge myself to try and capture the personality of the animal in each photo, which takes a lot of patience. I was motivated to continue after one of my pieces, a stylized photo of a peacock, earned first place in a wildlife photo contest.

I've also done landscape/seascape, architectural, abstract and impressionist, and black and white vintage photography. I also have experience capturing creative shots of objects like flowers, cars, and planes. I was delighted to have a few of my shots featured in gallery exhibits and magazines. My wife is also an accomplished artist and we sell our prints online at

I hope you enjoy the photos I've posted to Wildlife Reference Photos. I would love to see the amazing new artwork you create. I wish you the best of luck and much success with all of your creative projects.