Lee Hudson

Media: 517
Company Name: Lee Hudson Photography
Website: http://www.leehudson.net
Location: , United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Member Since: Jan 22, 2020

Thank you for taking the time to view my media images.

Quite simply …. I love wildlife! Working as a UK photographer I am truly spoilt for choice, with my home county of Worcestershire also providing a wealth of beautiful subjects for me to point my lens at.
I particularly enjoy the challenge of capturing birds in flight whether I’m patiently seated in reserve hides for hours with my Thermos flask and cheese butties just waiting for the right shot or, as is more often the case, often lying face down ‘on location’ up to my elbows in mud!
I have been lucky enough to have several images published in national magazines and newspapers which has led to my work being exhibited in London galleries.
Whether it’s fur or feathers, spots or stripes - Mother Nature supplies us with a cornucopia of fascinating creatures to capture and I hope my photographs provide the necessary detail and indeed inspiration for you to put your creative talents to work.