Jennifer Matthews

Media: 9
Company Name: Jennifer Matthews Nature Art
Location: North Dakota, United States
Member Since: Jul 11, 2019

Jennifer Matthews is an artist from Bismarck, North Dakota, USA who is best known for her realistic wildlife and nature paintings. She uses a realistic style, because she feels that “the world is beautiful just the way it is, if we would only take the time to notice.” She has been drawn to the outdoors since she was a child, where she spent time exploring the countryside in western North Dakota near the Heart River.

Jennifer paints primarily in oil, utilizing the slow drying time for her blending and glazing techniques. She learned the fundamentals of art composition and technique in high school and since then has been self-taught. She feels that her best training has come from studying the details of nature and the work of her favorite wildlife artists.

Wildlife Reference Photos for artists is the perfect way for her to share the reference photos she takes when she is on the hunt for new painting ideas.