Michelle Kaiser

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Location: Surrey, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Member Since: May 19, 2019

Hi there. Thanks for looking me up and checking out my pictures. I hope you like them.

I'm an amateur photographer living in the South of England in the UK. I take my camera with me most weekends to take in the beautiful cities, gardens and historic buildings of the UK. We have an abundance here, so I have a varied portfolio. I especially enjoy taking pictures of flowers, insects, mammals, landscapes and graffiti.

When on holiday, the camera always comes with. I was lucky enough to travel to Costa Rica recently. What a fabulous country! Great people, infrastructure and the natural scenery and national parks are a must see. If you head away from the beautiful beaches you literally trip over wildlife, some of which are more challenging to capture than others.

Enjoy my mixed media. I hope you have a great time creating your own projects.

See you soon with more.