Garry Bree

Media: 17
Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Member Since: Jun 16, 2015

Garry Bree is a Guild of Photographers Craftsman member and a 2 times winner of the Photographers Bar, also a member of the Society of International Nature & Wildlife Photographers and is based at Barton on Sea in Hampshire, England.

My background in photography started when I began pressing a shutter around 45 years ago, I was a late starter and didn’t take up photography until the age of 23. My first SLR was a Russian made Zenith E 35mm film camera and my early years were spent ‘snapping’ family and holiday images until I realised there was more to photography than just pointing and shooting.

I started to view subjects differently with views to the light and composition of my subjects, I was experimenting by playing around with the settings on my camera to see what sort of effect I could get to my images. 40 odd years on and my education continues with my discovery of the wonderful world of photography.

My later years has seen my mind and eye take a serious awareness to my favourite subject….the world of nature’s landscapes and its wildlife inhabitants.
I also have a passion to view powerful machine events such as high powered military aircraft and cars.