Lisa Marie Ford

Media: 143
Company Name: Ford's Family Farm Country
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Member Since: Jun 23, 2017

Lisa Marie Ford, also known as Lis, is a photographer, an artist, a Farmer Poet, and a teller of tales. She lives on the American Family Farm where she grew up in Family Farm Country, USA; where her family’s way of life shaped her unique perspective in today’s world. Through growing up, living, and working on an Family Farm to the privilege of interacting, daily, with Nature and many of Nature’s Curiosities her love of wildlife, nature, space, and farm critters blossomed.

Her creative works range from Nature and Farm Life photographs and YouTube videos to poems, books, and stories to Critter Express Postcards and Back-Forty Bookmarks to Pieces of Light to coloring books and digital and traditional 2D art. She's on a mission to capture a photo of every kind of wild critter in Pennsylvania, which may take a lifetime.