Berith Moonen

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Location: Noord Brabant, Netherlands
Member Since: Mar 28, 2017

Nature always has a big influence on me... but that's of course obvious, I live my entire life, that's 26 years to the edge of a small forest. Because it’s small it’s a source of possibilities and wildlife. I am always surprised how much I have found in a mere 53 square metres. Roe deer, foxes, badgers, hares, many type of songbirds and birds like the woodpecker, three types strong. Also a great amount of bird of prey. Which annoys me sometimes because I worried a lot about my chicken family, they’ve got eaten a several times!
Many, many times you can find me wandering through the forest, mostly looking for roe deer. It just happen that the few roe that live there know me, or I think they know me, at least I know them!  I know exactly which one I can approach easily and which one not. Already made some stunning pictures and movies from the roe deer rut, which is not easy, because they barley show off… like a red deer does.
So enough about that, I think who will lost itself in nature always has a step ahead! And seeing things most people will never see, sadly…

But because it’s hard to take a good portrait of every single animal I find into the wild, I like also to go the zoo, trying my best to take wildlife picture. Using these as my own reference for my pencil drawing work and to share with you people. If you like to find out more about me, please visit my website or IG (@Beeerr_), you can also find me at my facebook page “Berith Moonen Fotografie” - Berith Moonen -